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Part No. MD246
Manufacturer BMC, Rover
Engine 850cc - 1300cc
Description High Torque touring cam
Power Band 1500-6500


Cam Lift (mm) 7.23mm Inlet/Exhaust
Valve Lift (mm) 8.85mm Inlet/Exhaust
Duration 252° Inlet/Exhaust
Duration at 1mm 214° Inlet/Exhaust
Timing 18/54 54/18
Full Lift Inlet 108° ATDC
VC (mm) 0.40mm Inlet/Exhaust
LTDC 1.40mm Inlet
The ultimate high torque sports road touring camshaft. The combination of maximised lift with short duration makes this a superb road camshaft in all engine sizes. CNC ground in the UK for precision and reliability - often imitated, never bettered.

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