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Part No. 224
Manufacturer Ford
Engine 1.3 -1.6 X/Flow
Description High Torque / Autotest / Sports touring camshaft
Power Band 1000 - 6500


Cam Lift (mm) 7.28mm Inlet/Exhaust
Valve Lift (mm) 10.66mm Inlet/ 10.61mm Exhaust
Duration 270° Inlet/Exhaust
Duration at 1mm 230° Inlet / 243° exhaust
Timing 32/58 67/23
Full Lift Inlet 103° ATDC
VC (mm) 0.40mm Inlet/ 0.45mm Exhaust
LTDC 2.41mm Inlet
Superb high torque cam giving approximately 14bhp increase coupled with excellent instant response and pick up from tickover. Great for classic sports touring. No additional piston machining required if using standard 1600cc pistons.

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