Camshaft / Camshaft / 724

Part No. Part Type Description
724 Camshaft High Torque 
Applications High Torque
Power Band 1500-6250
Cam Lift(mm) 7.29mm Inlet/ 7.29mm Exhaust
Valve Lift(mm) 9.93mm Inlet/ 9.93mm Exhaust
Duration 270 Deg Inlet/ 270 Deg Exhaust
Timing 31/59 67/23
Full Lift Inlet 104 Deg ATDC
VC (mm) 0.41mm Inlet / 0.46mm Exhaust
LTDC 2.16mm
Retainer Material Steel
Pulley Material Steel
VSType Double
VSInstalled Height 38.0mm
VSNomSolid Height 25.0mm
VSNominal ID 18.8mm
VSDiameter 34.0mm
BHP Gain N/A
LinkRefAddInfo N/A

Required Parts

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Part No. Part Type Additional Info Model Engine
724 Camshaft High Torque MGB 1.8
724 Camshaft High Torque B Series 1.8

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Part No. Part Type Additional Info
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724 Camshaft High Torque
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